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Tutorial to Fix Video Graphics Doesn’t Work on Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Tutorial to Fix Video Graphics Doesn’t Work on Lenovo Thinkpad T400. Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Type 2764 comes with ATI High definition 3400 GPU card. If have switched to Windows XP plus the video clip graphics does not function and you have got a message ATI card has no driver installed, then you definately are in hassle. Obtaining ATI graphic card for XP is often difficult time for the reason that Lenovo official doesn’t supply laptop drivers for Win XP.
Lenovo T400 Graphic Correct

You could have regarded that T400 (which comes with original Vista) capabilities switchable graphics. But if you set up XP on T400, the machine suddenly do not assistance switchable graphics any longer. But really do not be concerned, due to the fact you’ll still be able to get the function adhering to the measures under:

1.Whilst booting, drop by BIOS by pressing F1 on your keyboard
2.Pick config and select display
3.Set the subsequent parameters:
Default Primary Video Device [Internal]
Boot exhibit gadget [Thinkpad LCD] *
Graphics Gadget [Discrete Graphics] **
OS detection for switchable [Disable]

Asterisk Be aware:

* Adjust this setting to VGA or DVI should the machine might be employed on an Superior Dock
** Switchable Graphics is usually a Windows Vista feature only. Set the Serial ATA setting from AHCI to Compatibility mode (this can avert the BSOD 0×7B error on booting the XP media).

Immediately after you have accomplished former measures, the graphics card will likely be doing work fine. Read the rest of this entry »


Tips to Repair Vista Bootloader Caused by iDeneb on Lenovo Thinkpad T400

Tips to Repair Vista Bootloader Caused by iDeneb on Lenovo Thinkpad T400. iDeneb installation may trigger Vista boot loader destroyed, and the netbook cannot boot. Working with EasyBCD in Vista to repair Vista bootloader is not going to resolve the challenge, since the boot loader still damaged.

This can be incredibly bothersome for Thinkpad T400 customers because they is not going to be able to boot the machine. To resolve this situation, make Hiren Boot CD that may procedure the MBR Utilities. Utilize the CD to boot into T400. When Vista is booting, you should see that EasyBCD is doing work properly and repaired Vista bootloader. Just after that, you need to not see this issue anymore and need to be able to operate Windows Vista usually. Read the rest of this entry »


Tips to Fix Hibernation Mode Problem on Thinkpad T400

Tips to Fix Hibernation Mode Problem on Thinkpad T400. It’s acquiring frustrating if you get shutdown as an alternative of hibernation mode in your Thinkpad T400 laptop. The system seemed go hibernating as there exists hibernate progress bar visible, however the method was truly shutting down. Right after you might have restarted the machine, you acquired BSOD error with ATI2dvag.dll getting shown.

Lenovo Thinkpad T400 comes with Intel Core two Duo CPU T9400 @ 2.53 GHz, 2GB RAM and Windows XP SP3. The hibernation mode is actually a handy state once you need to boot the computer more quickly by saving the last information about your work to the challenging push. Shutting down soon after saving each of the details is a typical issue when hibernating.

However the error absolutely came following downgrading OS to XP, SP3 or even BIOS update. To repair this matter, it is possible to attempt to rollback the ATI exhibit driver with your aged driver. Usually this would resolve the issue on crashing with hibernation/sleep mode. If this doesn’t perform, update your laptop drivers. Read the rest of this entry »


Tips to Fix Ghosting Vista Problems on Thinkpad T400 System

Tips to Fix Ghosting Vista Problems on Thinkpad T400 System. The problems of ghosting Vista Organization OEM with Norton Ghost on Lenovo Thinkpad T400 technique may possibly appear due to missing/incompatible drivers or settings. Ghosting is often an easy activity for mirroring your tough drive to an additional for backup purpose, but whenever a problem happens, you ought to get it fixed instantly. You could get black display and blinking cursor when restoring the image to one more hard drive.

Ghosting difficulties frequently takes place when you don’t hold the related devices and machines. The simple and secure resolution is usually to make use of the exact identical devices to backup. The one particular needless thing is employing PE Builder to the center of it. That can be easier to ghost the program of T400 to an external disk then you will need only make the recovery towards the 2nd SATA.

If you’ve ghosted the T400 method through the use of previously mentioned measures, but you even now get the blank display and blinking cursor soon after restarting your machine, it indicates the combination of Ghost and PE builder apparently do not cooperate. As an option, make an effort to backup with no cost Macrium or with Acronis totally free trial. Read the rest of this entry »


Tips to Fix Standby Problem on Thinkpad T400

Tips to Fix Standby Problem on Thinkpad T400. Lenovo Thinkpad T400 laptop computer includes HSPA, SSD, UltraBay battery integrated and Windows XP SP3 OS. Should you learned that you’ve obtained standby trouble, specially even though attempting to awaken the machine from standby state, don’t feel concerned simply because we now have resolution to this matter.

Usually when you shut the lid, the notebook ought to change to standby state. The situation occurs if you attempt to open the lid, the laptop is locked by Windows therefore you is not going to have the capacity to enter your username or password any more. The only keys working are Enter and Tab, but not all other people. Yet another sign may be the backspace is exhibiting rectangles when entering in username field.

This dilemma will not be a hardware or computer software problem, but may possibly for the reason that some configuration protection of Safeguard Enterprise in which the “detect hardware keylogger” setting is set to “forbid”. You must disable the look at on this and this really should resolve the situation. Simply to be sure, verify all external gadgets that are linked by means of USB port are switched off. Read the rest of this entry »


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