Tips to Setting WiFi Hotspot Blackberry 9550. Just in case you’re wondering if Blackberry 9550 WiFi hotspot feature exists and how to connect to access point, you are able to examine our post on that particular problem. BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is a touch-screen smartphone with PDA capabilities. Full of MP camera and bluetooth, this finger-driven touchscreen is an efficient choice for anyone of you who desires Blackberry design within the move.

BlackBerry 9550 WiFi hotspot function is a superb attribute that exists on this product of BB. With its Wi-Fi (802.eleven b/g) capability, you’ll be able to connect to any hotspot and connect with the internet and sending emails. This may allow you to to connect to the web quicker with out dependent on info service package deal you’ve purchased which typically is sluggish for perform use.

Most users complaint about sluggish info connection come from BlackBerry 9550. Other folks also complain about how the velocity appeared under other sensible phones. Fortunately, through the use of WiFi, you are able to possess a quicker connection when hotspot is close to you.
Setting BlackBerry 9550 Wifi Hotspot

1. Tap to click on Control Connection icon
2. Verify to flip on Wi-Fi
3. Scroll down to “Set Up Wi-Fi Network”
4. Tap to click on Subsequent
5. Scan for networks. BB will see for those who have hotspot signal around and can be saved for later on use.
6. Give password if essential and click on Help save for Wi-Fi profile.
7. Click on connect.

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